Arkansas Tornado Threat Today 3/13/2016

Today looks to be a significant day for severe weather and tornadoes in Arkansas. The Storm Prediction Center has issued an “Enhanced Risk” for severe storms and tornadoes today in Arkansas, as well as in parts of northern Louisiana and eastern Oklahoma

There is already a tornado warning located in Southwestern Arkansas. Tornado Watches have been issued for eastern Oklahoma and for Arkansas. People living in Little Rock and surrounding areas in Arkansas need to be monitoring changing weather conditions and stay tuned to local TV/Radio/NWS for tornado warnings.
Tornado Watch

Eastern Oklahoma is also under a Tornado Watch

Tornado Watch Oklahoma
Tornado Watch in Eastern Oklahoma
Enhanced Risk SPC
SPC issued “Enhanced Risk”
SPC tornado outlook
SPC tornado probabilities 10% hatched is actually a relatively high probability because it means spatially at any given point within that area there is a 10% of a tornado occuring.

Given the high amounts of instability coupled with the cold temperatures aloft, large hail is a threat as well.

Hail Risk SPC
SPC Hail Risk

The most recent change in the SPC outlook is the inclusion of a higher tornado probability.

updraft helicity
14z HRRR updraft helicity
Visible Satelite
Visible satellite view of the storms firing in SW Arkansas

If you haven’t already, make sure to have your tornado sheltering plan in place! Charge your batteries on your NOAA weather radios and stay tuned to local tv/ radio stations for weather alerts.

Reminder: a Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes to form, Tornado Warning means a tornado is occurring and to seek shelter immediately!

As of writing this, there is an tornado near Hon and Waldron, Arkansas:

Hon Arkansas tornado
Radar presentation of a tornado near Hon, Arkanas

If you are under a tornado warning- seek shelter immediately!

Stay safe!


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